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Funny Animal Names That Really Exist - Amphibians

Biologists have come up with some very funny names for amphibians. How did they come up with names like “motorbike frog”?


The bullfrog doesn’t have horns or anything in common with bulls actually - apart from one thing! This frog sounds like a mooing cow. Find out more in the bullfrog factsheet.

Common Midwife Toad

Unlike its relatives, the midwife toad doesn’t leave its spawn in the water. The male carries the eggs on its heels until the tadpoles hatch. This kind of care is unusual among amphibians!

Garlic Toad

Yes, the garlic toad really does smell of garlic! But only when it’s scared. The smell is supposed to scare off predators. But it can also defend itself in other ways: it also sometimes tries to bite its enemies. In Germany, the garlic toad was crowned “amphibian of the year” in 2007.

Golden Mantella

Golden frogs are bright orange - hence the name.

Motorbike Frog

The mating call of the motorbike frog sounds like a motorbike changing gear. The females seem to like it!

Mud Devil

Okay, so mud is gross, but where does the devil come from? These animals don’t live in mud, they live in clear waters. But when people disturb them, e.g. with sticks, they behave like wild little “devils” and whip up lots of mud.

Pebble Toad

This name might not seem all that weird or unusual. But it’s funny when you know how this animal behaves when it’s in danger. The peddle toad curls itself up and throws itself down a slope or cliff like a stone. When it reaches the bottom safely, it uncurls itself. Find more fun facts about amphibians in our video!

Spadefoot Toad

Frogs and toads come with all kinds of different hands and fingers. There are frogs with webbed fingers and sticky feet and toads with feet that look like shovels. They’re even used for digging. Find out more about frog and toad feet in the frog and toad article.

Strawberry Poison-Dart Frog

Despites its name, don’t eat this creature! Strawberry poison-dart frogs get their names because they’re bright red. The color is intended to scare away predators.

Motorbike Frog Motorbike Frog - Illustration: Silke/

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