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Funny Animal Names That Really Exist - Movie Stars

Some scientists are such big film fans that they named new animals and species after their favorite characters. Hilarious!


A dinosaur (named after the cartoon character Bambi)


A kind of beetle mite (named after the Star Wars bad guy Darth Vader)

Eriovixia gryffindori

An Indian spider, whose pointed, cone-shaped rump resembles the talking magic hat from Harry Potter.


A type of shark (named after Gollum from the book/film Lord of the Rings)

Nelloptodes gretae

This is the name of a bright yellow and gold-colored beetle with long antennae, named after climate activist Greta Thunberg. His homeland is Kenya.

Polemistus chewbacca

A type of wasp (named after Han Solo’s furry friend in Star Wars)

Stichoplastoris asterix

A bird spider (named after Asterix)

Stichoplastoris obelix

A bird spider (named after Obelix)

Syconycteris hobbit

A bat (named after the Hobbit people from the book/film Lord of the Rings)

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