Bee or Wasp - What’s the Difference?

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This table shows you the most important differences between bees, bumblebees, wasps and hornets at a glance.

Honey BeeBumblebee
Honey BeePhoto: Ikordela/Shutterstock BumblebeePhoto: Ian Grainger/Shutterstock
Body: round Body: round
Hair: yes (short) Hair: yes (long)
Color: amber to brown Color: amber to brown
Sting: dies after stinging Sting: no barb
Food: pollen, nectar Food: pollen, nectar
WaspPhoto: Timin/Shutterstock HornetPhoto: Christian Gusa/Shutterstock
Body: thin Body: thin
Hair: no Hair: no
Color: yellow Color: yellow, reddish
Sting: can sting several times Sting: can sting several times
Food: insects, fruit, drinks, leftover food Food: insekten


Bumblebee Bumblebee - Photo: Ian Grainger/Shutterstock


Hornet Hornet - Photo: Christian Gusa/Shutterstock

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