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Crocodile or Alligator - What’s the Difference?

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1. Look at the Teeth - Which Animal is “Grinning”?

The crocodile’s upper and lower jaws are the same width, so you can see both rows of teeth. The upper AND lower. You can especially see the fourth tooth on the lower jaw as it projects over the upper jaw.

The alligator’s upper jaw is wider, so the lower jaw disappears into the upper jaw. Keep an eye out for the fourth tooth on the lower jaw. If it’s covered by the upper jaw, then you’re probably looking at an alligator. By the way: if you look at the animal from the side, the alligator looks like it’s grinning.


Crocodile Crocodile - Photo: Four Oaks/Shutterstock


Alligator Alligator - Photo: Bonnie Fink/Shutterstock

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