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Balinese Cat Breed Profile

Weight 6.6-11 lbs (3-5 kg)
Origin USA
Color Black, brown, gray, red, cream, cinnamon, beige, white
Fur Long, fine, silky
Lifespan 10-18 years
Personality Stubborn, intelligent, curious, sporty

Balinese Photo: Rika-sama/Shutterstock

Breed Characteristics

Balinese cats are playful, curious and constantly up to something. At the same time, they’re loving, loyal and sensitive.

Personality and Temperament

If their owner is sad or ill, they feel it and will be right at their side to cheer them up with their cheerful, funny personalities. Even though Balinese cats are very elegant and charming, and look almost aristocratic, they’re just lovable clowns deep down.


Balinese cats are especially intelligent so find it easy to learn fun tricks. Just like the Siamese, they will quickly master new commands such as “fetch” and can be walked on a leash like a dog. Balinese cats are very clingy and love nothing more than non-stop cuddles with their humans - on their lap, on the sofa, in bed. In return for their love, they expect lots of time and attention.

The Balinese cat is just as vocal as the Siamese. They love to voice their opinions and give loving advice.

Keeping Them Happy

If they're kept in pairs, they can deal with being left alone all day but will expect attention in the evening at least.

Balinese Photo: New Africa/Shutterstock

Pros and Cons


  • Very intelligent
  • Very playful
  • Beautiful fur
  • Curious
  • Learns Tricks


  • Lots of grooming required
  • Meows a lot
  • Doesn't tolerate being alone
  • Needs a lot of exercise
  • Demanding

Balinese Photo: Fazlyeva Kamilla/Shutterstock


Balinese = Siamese?

The Balinese looks just like the Siamese - apart from the different coat lengths. No wonder, as they were actually bred from the Siamese. The two breeds are similar in more than just looks. They also have very similar characters.


The Balinese cat is a medium-sized cat with a long, silky coat and a bushy tail. The traditional type has a round head. The modern type has a more triangular head that is broad at the top and pointed at the bottom. Their ears are the same but the other way around. These are wide at the bottom and pointed at the top. Regardless of whether their coat is seal point, blue point, chocolate point or lilac point, their eyes are always the same deep, lively blue.

Balinese Photo: Fazlyeva Kamilla/Shutterstock


The Balinese cat doesn’t come from the Indonesian island of Bali - no matter what its name might suggest. Or anywhere else in Indonesia as a matter of fact. They come from the Siamese breed and were first seen along with the first Siamese cats that came to England from Thailand. It’s presumed that some of these Siamese cats naturally had a gene for long fur. Others say that the Balinese cat is the result of crossing the Siamese with the Angora or Persian. But why is it called the Balinese if it has nothing to do with Bali? The first breeder, Helen Smith, thought that the cat’s movements were just as beautiful as those of traditional Balinese dancers.

Fun Facts

The Balinese cat is considered one of the most intelligent cat breeds.

Comparable Breeds

Balinese Photo: Fazlyeva Kamilla/Shutterstock