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York Chocolate

York Chocolate Cat Breed Profile

Weight 9.9-15.4 lbs (4.5-7 kg)
Origin USA
Color Chocolate
Fur Long, fluffy
Lifespan 13-15 years
Personality Affectionate, loyal, independent, friendly

York Chocolate Photo: Ciprian Gherghias/Shutterstock

Breed Characteristics

The fur of the York Chocolate is its special highlight: it’s medium-length with a charming chocolate brown color, and feels as silky soft as down! It also shines and shimmers in quite an enchanting way! Their fur doesn’t tend to matt, so it’s happily simple and easy to care for.

Personality and Temperament

The York Chocolate, or just York for short, is a friendly cat with lots of energy, intelligence and a decent dose of curiosity. They are perfectly able to occupy themselves but prefer to have company. Company that wants to pet them, of course! They are passionate lap cats and love it when their fluffy coat is spoiled with plenty of pets. Although they’re not especially vocal, they’re not silent: they purr loud and often.


Keeping Them Happy

These cats are fascinated by moving toys. But they love playing with people over just things. It’s also one of the few cats that truly loves water.

The York Chocolate gets on with everyone, even other animals. Even mice. Just kidding! They like to hunt, so you shouldn’t wonder if you find the occasional “gift” after your York has spent some time outside. They sometimes take a little time to warm up to new people.

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptionally soft fur
  • Easy grooming
  • Friendly
  • Docile
  • Even-tempered


  • Meows a lot


The York Chocolate is a large, strong cat. Its medium-length coat is chocolate or lavender in color. It has little tufts of fur on its ears and paws. Their almond-shaped eyes are green, gold or hazelnut.


The York Chocolate dates back to long-haired house/farm cats bred for their special color. It was first recognized in 1983. This cat breed is quite new, and its breeding characteristics have not been fully established, so it’s not yet an official breed. Only the World Cat Federation (WCF) currently recognizes it.

Fun Facts

The York Chocolate is named after the state of New York, USA, where it was recognized in 1983.


Comparable Breeds

York Chocolate Photo: Ciprian Gherghias/Shutterstock