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Snowshoe Cat Profile

Weight 6.6-11 lb (3-5 kg)
Origin USA
Color Blue, chocolate, brown, beige, cream; multi-colored; with markings
Fur Short, fine
Lifespan 10-18 years
Personality Friendly, loving, sociable, likes learning tricks
Active Cat Active
Playful Cat Playful
Independent Cat Independent
Vocal Cat Vocal
Sheds Cat Sheds

Rating = very/a lot; Rating = not very/a little

Breed Characteristics

The Snowshoe cat is a cross between the Siamese and American Shorthair. They are most well-known for their white paws. The Snowshoe is like a “puss in boots” but with snowy white socks instead! Did you know people sometimes call white front paws “mittens” and white back paws “socks”?

What type of character does the Snowshoe cat have? It’s loving, affectionate, sweet, cuddly, enjoys sitting on your lap and will always be there for you as your BFF. It’s also very clever, learns tricks, can open doors, plays fetch and can be walked on a leash like a dog. If there are multiple people in a household, this cat will usually seek out the person that gives it the most attention! But it’s very polite and friendly with all humans.

Snowshoe Snowshoe - Photo: Aleksandar Nalbantjan/Shutterstock/Shutterstock

The Snowshoe is very active and loves to jump up onto high shelves or kitchen cabinets. They find water fascinating and they don’t mind getting wet at all. Quite the opposite. They love splashing about. Flowing water is like a magnet to them. There are even Snowshoe cats that like swimming.

The Snowshoe doesn’t like being alone, so definitely needs company at all times. If they have to be alone during the day, a second cat should be there to keep them company. They also get on well with dogs.

Snowshoes don’t “talk” as much as Siamese cats but are never lost for words. Their voices are pleasant and soft.

Snowshoe Snowshoe - Photo: Sukharevskyy Dmytro (nevodka)/Shutterstock


The Snowshoe is a rare breed that is hard to breed because of its characteristic fur markings. Their short, dense fur is light and has dark markings in seal, blue, chocolate or lilac. These are found at the tail, legs and ears as well as in the form of a mask around the eyes. The most interesting thing is: the dark markings appear over years and get darker over time. Their cute eyes are always bright blue and can be anything from light to dark blue with all kinds of shading.


The Snowshoe came into being in the mid-20th century as the American Shorthair was crossed with Siamese cats. Compared to the Siamese, the Snowshoe’s face and body are considerably rounder and fuller.

Did You Know?

Grumpy Cat might have had a little Snowshoe in her. This cat took the internet by storm with her unimpressed face - she was a “mixed breed” with white mittens and white back legs.

Snowshoe Snowshoe - Photo: EVasilieva/Shutterstock/Shutterstock

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