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Cats That Can Be Left Alone

How long can you leave a cat alone for? We'll tell you in this article!

Are there cats that don’t mind being left alone for a considerable time? At the end of this article, you’ll find a list of cats, that can be left alone for longer than others.

Why Don't Cats Like Being Alone?

Your cat is happiest when you’re at home. But this isn’t possible during work or school. It’s true that cats manage better alone than dogs. But they still need attention, affection, petting, playing etc. If your cat feels neglected, unwanted behavior can arise. And one thing should be clear: never leave a cat alone for more than one day.

When Cats Are Left Alone for Too Long

Being home alone frustrates cats. They start to scratch the furniture, pee outside the litter tray, constantly meow, stop eating and even lose their fur. This isn’t anything to do with revenge, it’s their way of saying, “I’m so lonely!” or “I’m so bored!”. Some cats even develop separation anxiety if their owner is often out of the house for long.


This behavior shouldn’t be punished. It’s the human’s job to help them feel better if they spend a lot of time alone. Apart from your cat destroying or soiling your home, there is the danger that your pet may fall from a bookcase or get caught in cables and get injured. Or it could get sick and need a vet.

Whether a cat is fine being left alone depends on its character. Some cats had bad experiences as a kitten, so are scared of being left alone. Other cats just sleep the time away.

Providing Enough Water and Food Is Not Enough

Even if your cat has plenty of water: the longer the bowl sits there, the more stagnant and less appetizing it gets. Food also dries out and isn’t too tasty anymore. The litter will get dirty quickly. And who wants to use a dirty toilet?

How Do You Make Your Cat’s Time Alone More Pleasant?

Generally, toys are a good idea. There are great challenging toys that have treats inside that your cat can get to by playing with a ball or board. This keeps them occupied and stimulates their intelligence. You can also hide treats around your home before leaving so your cat can sniff them out. A cat tree is also a good idea.

House Cat or Outdoor Cat?

Outdoor cats can use a cat flap to get outside so they can romp around to their heart’s content. This is a fun change for them. Some cat flaps even have chips that can be programmed so that they only open when the “right” cat tries to use them. This prevents other animals from entering your home. It’s a lot harder for house cats. There isn’t as much to do at home, so they get bored quickly.


Cats That Can Be Left Alone: