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Pet Cat: Costs for Veterinarian Treatments

Costs: $ 30-130 a year

• Vaccinations and Worming

Generally, the biggest vet bill you can expect to pay is for vaccinations. These include the basic vaccinations in the first few weeks of a kitten’s life and then annual vaccinations afterwards. The costs vary most of all based on whether your cat is allowed outside; whether it’s an outdoor cat or an indoor cat. Cats that are allowed outside, need additional vaccinations against rabies and FeLV. Outdoor cats will need worming every three months, but every six months is enough for indoor cats.

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Indoor catCat flu *Worm treatment  Costs
Every 6 months   X     $ 10-20
Every 12 months * X       $ 10-15
Total         $ 30-55
Outdoor catCat flu *Worm treatmentRabiesFeLVCosts
Every 3 months   X     $ 10-20
Every 12 months ** X   X X $ 90
Total         $ 110-130

* more specifically: cat flu and feline distemper
** feline distemper vaccinations may only be necessary every two years, so check with your vet.


Feline infectious peritonitis (“FIP”) is a an inflammatory illness (peritonitis). There is a vaccination against it but it doesn’t provide 100% protection. As vaccinations always come with health risks, opinions differ strongly as to whether/when a FIP vaccination makes sense. It’s best to ask your vet.

• Operations and Other Costs

Even if you care for your cat well and regularly take it to the vet, it can still get ill. It’s not uncommon for cats to develop plaque and tartar. Having it removed “only” costs around $ 20-30. But sometimes the vet may have to pull a tooth. More serious treatments like this have to be carried out under general anesthetic and costs can vary widely. It also depends on how your cat reacts to a treatment. Maybe it will need more medication or maybe the procedure will have to be repeated. Neutering costs around § 100 for female cats and around $ 50 for male cats.

• Basic Vaccinations (One-Off)

A young cat needs basic vaccinations in their first few weeks of life to protect them from the most important illnesses that cats can get.

Indoor kittenCat flu *RabiesFeLVCosts
9-10 weeks X     $ 10-15
12-14 weeks X     $ 10-15
Total       $ 20-30
Outdoor kittenCat flu *RabiesFeLVCosts
9-10 weeks X     $ 10-15
12-14 weeks X X   $ 80
16-18 weeks     X $ 10-30 **
19-21 weeks     X $ 10-30
Total       $ 110-155

* more specifically: cat flu and feline distemper
** including initial/one-off blood test (around $ 30)

Cat examined by a vet Cat examined by a vet - Photo: deepblue-photographer/Shutterstock

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