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Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold Cat Profile

Weight 5.7-13 lb (2.6-6 kg)
Origin Scotland
Color Blue, red, silver, white; multi-colored
Fur Short to medium length
Lifespan 11-14 years
Personality Likes posing, intelligent, affectionate, doesn’t like to be alone
Energy Cat Active
Playful Cat Playful
Independent Cat Independent
Meowing Cat Vocal
Shedding Cat Sheds

Rating = very/a lot; Rating = not very/a little

Breed Characteristics

The first thing you notice about these cats is their ears. They hang forwards as if they’ve been folded like a sheet of paper. Its cute face is often compared with that of an owl or a teddy bear. How come they have folded ears? Often, special characteristics such as fur length, color and pattern, eye color or body size are especially bred. But not in this case. Their folded ears are down to an accidental change in genetic information.

Personality and Temperament

But its special ear shape isn’t the only thing that makes the Scottish Fold so special. For some reason, they always contort into the funniest positions! You can see them on their hind legs like a meerkat one second then on their backs with all four paws in the air the next. They’re just little clowns that will always give you something to laugh about.

At the same time, the Scottish Fold cat has a very gentle and friendly character. As they’re also very open and sociable, they get on well with other cats as well as dogs. Their activity level is “medium”, so they’re not lazy but also don’t constantly run around the house.

Keeping Them Happy

They’re loving but not clingy or demanding like the Bengal, Siamese or Balinese (and they’re not as vocal).

The Scottish Fold is very intelligent and can therefore quickly adapt to new situations. They love toys that challenge their intelligence and puzzles that let them use their paws to skillfully fish out food. They also love playing fetch.


  • Unique appearance (ears)
  • Happy, entertaining
  • Friendly
  • Docile
  • Curious, alert
  • Gest along well with other cats and dogs


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Scottish Fold Scottish Fold - Photo: Andrey Tairov/Shutterstock


The Scottish Fold is a medium-sized cat with a dense, soft, plush coat. It can be long or short and comes in various colors and patterns.

Scottish Fold Scottish Fold - Photo: Loginova Elena/Shutterstock


The Scottish Fold cat dates back to a normal white cat named Susie found on a farm in Scotland in 1961. She was the first to have folded ears.

Did You Know?

The kittens have normal ears to begin with. They only fold over after a few weeks.

Comparable Breeds

Scottish Fold Scottish Fold - Photo: Andrey Tairov/Shutterstock

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