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Burmese Cat Profile

Weight 8.8-13 lb (4-6 kg)
Origin Burmese, Thailand
Color Chocolate, red, cream, brown, blue; multi-colored
Fur Short, velvety
Lifespan 12-18 years
Personality Intelligent, full of energy, assertive, curious
Active Cat Active
Playful Cat Playful
Independent Cat Independent
Vocal Cat Vocal
Sheds Cat Sheds

Rating = very/a lot; Rating = not very/a little

Breed Characteristics

The Burmese is a simply enchanting cat breed. They have a very open, friendly and loving character, love a cuddle, like to sit on your lap and are also very active, curious, lively and playful.

They like to show off their acrobatic skills by jumping up onto high shelves - or leaping from one to another. Ideally, of course, with someone to watch them as they do so because they love human attention. Female cats especially are like little princesses that expect to be constantly showered with attention. Males are a little more relaxed and calmer.

You can clearly see that there’s some Siamese cat in the Burmese as they’re keen and quick learners that can master tricks meant for dogs: “fetch”, “sit”, “roll over”, “come”. They can even be put on a leash. To keep a clever kitty occupied, challenging and puzzle games are ideal.

Burmese Burmese - Photo: Seregraff/Shutterstock

Just like the Siamese, this cat loves to talk. It will “discuss” the news of the day with its humans, “comment” on new TV shows and even “help” with phone calls. As Burmese cats love company, they get really unhappy when left alone. Ideally, you should keep two Burmese cats together. They also get on well with other cats and dogs.

Burmese Burmese - Photo: jojosmb/Shutterstock


The Burmese has silky soft fur and a compact, muscular body. That’s why they’re sometimes nicknamed “bricks wrapped in silk”. Their original coat color is a dark brown called sable or seal. You can also find them in blue, champagne/chocolate, lilac and other colors. Their heads are round while their large eyes are yellow or gold.


The Burmese breed comes from a chocolate-colored cat called Wong Mau. It was brought from Burma to the USA between 1920 and 1930 by a sailor.

Did You Know?

The Burmese has the longest lifespan in the cat kingdom. A life expectancy of 16 to 20 years is “normal” and cats commonly live even longer.

Burmese Burmese - Photo: Alinute Silzeviciute/Shutterstock

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