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Venomous Animals in Germany

Asp Viper

  • Habitat: Quarries (mostly on the southern side), areas without vegetation
  • Distribution: Southern Black Forest
  • Size: Up to 35.4 in (90 cm)
  • Characteristics: Triangular head, vertical pupils

The asp viper is a snake that is active during the day and that feeds on small mammals, lizards and birds. They mostly stay in their own neighborhoods. If you accidentally corner or scare an asp viper, it will roll up, raise its head and hiss.

It might not be as venomous as the european viper, but its bite can have nasty, if not deadly, consequences: the wound swells up and you can even struggle to breathe and experience heart problems. It’s best to have a doctor look at it!

Asp Viper Asp Viper - Photo: Matteo photos/Shutterstock

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