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Venomous Animals in Germany

Fire Salamander

  • Habitat: Hills and mountains, rocks, tree roots, dead wood, flat stones
  • Distribution: Erz Mountains, south-western Bavaria, Black Forest
  • Size: 6-10 inches (15-25 cm)
  • Characteristics: Black, smooth skin with yellow or orange markings

Just look, don’t touch! In order to keep bacteria and fungus away, the fire salamander uses its skin glands to produce a liquid also called a secretion. Its venom can be a problem for dogs and cats. If they try to “examine” the fire salamander with their nose, the muscles in their jaw will cramp up because of the secretion. They will experience lockjaw and increased drooling.

In humans, the secretion only causes mild burning on the skin. But especially sensitive people or small children can get sick from it.

Fire Salamander Fire Salamander - Photo: Marek R. Swadzba/Shutterstock

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