Venomous Animals in Germany

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European Garden Spider

Habitat: Forest paths, clearings, forest edges, hedgerows
Distribution: All around Germany
Size: Up to 0.7 in (1,8 cm)
Characteristics: Light yellow-brown to dark red-brown or black-brown, 5 spots with white crosses on the abdomen

The European garden spider mostly sits in the middle of its approx 30cm web and can be seen from July to September. Its venomous fangs are on its head but they’re so short that they wouldn’t even make it through a human’s skin. Even if they could, their venom wouldn’t kill a human. So if you get bitten by a garden spider, you don’t need to worry. It just feels like a mosquito bite. The “pain” will be over in no time at all.

European Garden Spider European Garden Spider - Photo: Arno van Dulmen/Shutterstock