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Venomous Animals in Germany

European Viper

  • Habitat: Heaths, forest edges, coniferous forests, moors
  • Distribution: The flatlands of Northern Germany, the Black Forest, Swabian Alps, Bavarian Forest, the Alps
  • Size: Up to 35.4 inches (90 cm)
  • Characteristics: Flat snout, head not much wider than body

The European viper is also a snake in the viper family. They are very shy and mostly slither away before you can see them. They only bite if someone touches them or steps on them.

Their venom is considerably stronger than that of the notorious diamondback rattlesnake, but it doesn’t have a lot of it. If a person is bitten, the wound will swell up and they will struggle to breathe and will experience heart problems. It can also cause paralysis. You would definitely need to see a doctor.

European Viper European Viper - Photo: Matteo photos/Shutterstock

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