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Male Pet Names

This section includes more than 450 pet names – here you'll find the right one for sure!

Your cat is a tomcat? Your dog is a male dog? Your mouse is a male mouse? All right, your pet needs a male name! The names are sorted from A to Z and especially selected for male animals. Among them you find very popular, but also unusual or funny ones.

Male Pet Names From A to Z:

The Most Popular Male Pet Names

Short, easy to understand, easy to pronounce and catchy. No wonder that names with these features are trendy since years. For dogs, names like Baloo, Bruno, Max, Charly, Rocky, Oskar and Sammy are at the top of the list. Hagrid, Hercules, Tarzan and Beethoven are also very common.

With tomcats, Sammy is one of the top names, too (as for the dogs). Many pet owners also pick names such as Felix, Tiger, Caesar, Nero, Bagheera, Lucky, Leo and Garfield, which are also very pretty. Not to forget Charly and Baloo.


Why Should You Pick a Male Name for your Pet?

With dogs, cats or horses, distinct male or female names are definitely interesting. Often one is asked: “is it a tomcat?” or “male or she dog?”. If you can state from the beginning “this is Felix” or “that’s Emma”, any further question is obsolete and there is no need for the pet owner to repeat the same answer over and over again.

Male Names for Small Pets and Reptiles

It can be just as fun to give male names to guinea pigs, hamsters, bunnies, birds and reptiles. You would easily believe that a bearded-dragon named Hulk could lift branches in its terrarium. A hamster named Einstein? May be so clever that he finds a way out of his cage and escapes! And a bird named Pavarotti must have a great voice! There are also pretty names for strong, enchanting, clever, talented or beautiful female pet names of course.

Male pet names Male pet names - Photo: Eric Isselée/ (Cat); Julia Zavalishina/Shutterstock (Dog)

Male Pet Names From A to Z:


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