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Cat Names

Meow! Find perfect names for your cat here! Sweet, cute, odd and cheeky cat names from A to Z! Click on a letter to see all the names for that letter of the alphabet.

Cat Names From A to Z:

How Do I Find the Right Name for My Cat?

If you could ask a cat what name it would prefer, you might get an answer something like this: “I don’t really mind what you call me, just don’t call me late for dinner”. But all joking aside: for cats, human language just sounds like nonsense. They only really notice the general sound and tone. To make sure your cat can more easily understand its name, there are a couple of rules to keep in mind:

1. Names Ending in “ee” Sounds

Cats mostly react better to names with a long “ee” sound, especially at the end. Such as: Smokey, Minnie, Blacky, Sammy, Lucy or Rocky. Of course, cats do respond to other names, but “ee” names are easier.

2. Names with 2-3 Syllables

A long name like “Felix Fleabag the Fifth” doesn’t sound like a name to a cat. It just sounds like one of many human sentences that cats can’t understand. So they don’t know you’re calling. Shorter names are better. Especially because most people tend to shorten names to one syllable anyway.


3. Names Based on Look and Character

If you don’t want to give your cat a human name, but want to be a little more creative, you can consider this: what kind of markings does your cat have? If it has a white marking on its forehead, you could call it “Star”. Cats with striped fur are often called “Tiger”, and cats with white paws can be called “Socks” or “Paws”. Even their personalities can help in your search for a name. A cat that can open doors could be called “Smarty”. If it sleeps all day long, maybe it can be “Lazy”.

4. A Name to Suit the Breed?

Also possible. You could give a British Shorthair an aristocratic name like Duke, Prince or Queenie. Cat breeds like the Sphynx and Abyssinian come from Egypt. So, what about the name of an Egyptian god or king? Or a lovely Turkish name for a Turkish Angora or Turkish Van?

5.What About Names for Two Cats?

Two cats shouldn’t be given names that sound too similar e.g. “Molly and Nelly” or “Kimba and Simba”. This will confuse both cats and, if you mumble, people as well.

Please note:
You often get your newest family member as a young kitten. So, remember that young cats will literally outgrow names like “Squirt”, “Tiny” or “Mite”. It’s best to choose a name that will still make sense when your pet is older.

Make a list!

Your head is probably reeling with so many possibilities. Take a pen and paper and write some of your favorite names down. Say them out loud to yourself and look at your cat. When your gut says “THAT is the right name”, then listen. Don’t make a decision in a hurry, give yourself plenty of time. It could take a few days. After all, a cat lives for 12-15 years on average and it’s not a good idea to change a name. It would be weird for you if your name suddenly changed from Anna to Louise or from Philip to Alex.


Cat Names From A to Z:

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