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Pet Names Based on Greek Gods

Here you'll find particularly beautiful Greek god names for your pet!

A god’s name as a pet name is an especially good fit for dogs and cats. But they also work well for horses, noble cats or birds. And it’s not just the gods that would make for wonderful pet names. Greek mythology also includes plenty of demi-gods, heroes, humans, animals and monsters. Let us introduce you to a few of them. Best of all we find Zeus, Hector, Pandora, Cassandra, Artemis and Hera.

Poseidon Poseidon - Photo: zweibackesser/

The Most Popular Pet Names Based on Greek Gods:

Aphrodite Goddess of beauty
Apollo God of fine arts
Ares God of war
Artemis Goddes of the hunt
Athene Goddes of wisdom, strategy and war
Hades God of the underworld
Hera Goddess of family
Heracles God of power
Hermes God of thieves, merchantes and travelers
Calypso Nymph; daughter of Titan Atlas
Nike Goddess of victory
Persephone Goddess of the underworld
Poseidon God of the sea
Zeus King of the gods
NameDemigod, hero or human
Achilles Hero; only vulnerable spot: his heel
Agamemmnon King
Andromeda Ethiopian princess
Hector Hero
Calypso Nymph
Cassandra Daughter of King Priam; spoke true prophecies, but nobody believed her
Odysseus Hero, took 10 years to find his way back home
Orpheus Musician and poet
Pandora Her box contained illnessses and death ("Pandora's box")
Penelope Wife of Odysseus
Perseus Son of Zeus

Pegasus Pegasus - Illustration: Depiano/Shutterstock


Animals Figures in Greek Mythology

• Pegasos

The winged horse

Could any name be better for a horse? Pegasus was a beautiful, white steed with large wings. He is a symbol for wisdom and poetry.

• Hydra

The snake monster

Hercules, son of Zeus, had twelve tasks to complete. One was to defeat the Hydra. It was a giant, terrifying snake with nine heads (although it’s sometimes said to have just seven heads). No problem, thought Hercules: “Al I need to do is chop its heads off with my sword.”

But it wasn’t as easy as that. For each head that was chopped off, two new heads grew back! So, it was impossible to kill the Hydra. Hercules just made it stronger and more dangerous. But he had an idea: he burnt the necks with a torch so that no more heads could grow back. Hydra is a great name for snakes, other reptiles or animals that are especially strong and robust.


• Phoenix

The bird from the ashes

The phoenix is a mythological bird that reawakens from the ashes after it dies. It is the symbol of the sun and time, and looks like a large eagle. A wonderful name for a bird!

• Medusa

Creature with snakes for hair

Medusa didn’t have normal hair. She had snakes on her head. That’s creepy enough, but the scariest thing about her was that anyone that looked her in the eye turned to stone. How could anyone destroy such a monster? To kill Medusa, Perseus was given a magic hood from the nymphs. This let him sneak in unnoticed while she slept. Still: he had to see where he was swinging his sword.

Thankfully, the goddess Athena had given him a mirrored shield. He was able to look at Medusa’s reflection and defeat her. If your pet sometimes has a very evil expression - e.g. a Persian cat - Medusa could be the perfect name. It would also suit snakes, reptiles, female dogs with long hair or Guinea pigs with bangs. What do you think?

• Areion

The wonder horse

A very lovely name for a horse, if a little unusual. He was invincible and nobody could defeat him. And he could talk.

• Harpy 

Human bird of prey

In Greek mythology, harpies are female monsters with human faces and the bodies of birds of prey. They are as swift as the wind and cannot be wounded. If you have a cheeky parrot or budgie, a name like this could be a good fit.

• Minotaur and centaur

Half human, half animal

The Minotaur had a human body and the head of a bull. The centaur, however, had a human head and the body of a horse. Both would be lovely names for horses, with Minotaur being best for large, strong horses with the temperament of a bull.

Animals Names Based on Greek Gods - Zeus Animals Names Based on Greek Gods - Zeus - Illustration: insima/Shutterstock


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