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Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - Madagascar

The Characters From Madagascar:

Alex Lion
Zuba Lion
Florrie Lion
Makunga Lion
Marty Zebra
Gloria Hippo
Moto Moto Hippo
Melman Giraffe
Stephen Giraffe
King Julien Ring-tailed lemur
Maurice Aye-aye (lemur)
Mort Mouse lemur
Kowalski Penguin
Skipper Penguin
Private Penguin
Rico Penguin
Mason Chimpanzee
Vitaly Siberian tiger
Gia Jaguar
Stefano Sea lion
Sonya Bear

How are lemurs in "real life"? Just like King Julien? You would be surprised who is really in charge of the lemurs! Check out the animal profile to find it out.

Animal Characters in Computer-Animated Films:

Pet Names Based on Animated Characters Pet Names Based on Animated Characters - Photo: FotoYakov/Shutterstock

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