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Dogs That Get on Well With Other Pets

Here are 10 dog breeds that get along well with other pets!

If you already have a dog but want a cat or another small animal, it wouldn’t be ideal if your dog caused any mischief, like chasing your new little friend. And vice versa, if you have other pets and want to get a dog. The complete list is to found at the end of this article.

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Getting to Know You - Always Take Small Steps

If you already have a dog and want to get a cat, it’s best to let them get used to each other very slowly. Keep your dog on a leash so it can’t chase the cat. This lets them both smell each other’s smells from a safe distance. Definitely a no-go: forcing both animals to go closer to each other. Like picking up your cat and holding it up to your dog’s nose. Not a good idea! Even the feeling of being picked up isn’t exactly nice for the animal. If in doubt, the cat will get out its claws and scratch the dog. And the dog will very probably build up aggression against the cat because of this unpleasant experience.


Observe the Dog’s and Cat’s Body Language

If the cat swings its tail back and forth whenever the dog is around, this is often a sign that it isn’t best pleased. This can improve with time. Patience is golden. In any case, you should separate the animals as soon as you notice that they’re tense and uncomfortable. Only when they’re relaxed can they spend a longer time together.

Play It Safe With a Baby Gate

It would be best if you could separate a room with a baby gate. This lets both animals see and smell each other, while both having their own protected area where they can retreat. You could also give one animal a blanket with the other’s scent on it to sniff. And maybe a treat as well - this means that the strange smell is “saved” as a positive experience. Please note that the dogs described here “usually” or “generally” have these characteristics. Each dog has its own personality and has had its own experiences in life.

Pet-Friendly Dogs:

Maybe you already have a dog? Or you want a second later on? Here, you’ll find dog breeds that get on well with other dogs or not so well with other dog breeds.


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