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Dogs that Don’t Need Lots of Grooming

Wash, dry, brush. Done? Of course, many dog owners who would be happy if it was that easy. But there are dogs that need a lot of grooming, which can be very time consuming. Fortunately taking care for the coat of dog breeds such as Beagles, Bulldogs, Chihuahuas and Great Danes is uncomplicated and easy. You will find a complete list at the bottom of this article.

A healthy coat is shimmering in the light and it is pliable when you comb through it with your hands. It just looks good and smells good. Nutrition plays an important role in this, as does the grooming. However, even with "uncomplicated" dogs, quickly brushing or combing their backs and their legs is not enough. A dog wears its coat all over its body (surprise, surprise ;)). Its belly, the armpits, the tail, the ears, the neck and the face are all part of its coat. Some dogs breeds need their coat trimmed every now and then, e. g. poodles. Additionally, a dog must be bathed regularly to remove the dirt from outdoors.

Shiba Inu - Fur care Shiba Inu - Fur care - Photo: Pavels Rumme/Shutterstock

Get Your Dog Used to Grooming

No matter how easy the coat of a dog is: It should get used to being touched by a brush at an early age so that he will not refuse to being brushed later on.

Trimming the Nails

If you’re not sure how to do trim your dogs' nails, you can go to a dog trainer. He will explain it to you. Yes, you can take it to a groomer, too. However, when your dog has the necessary confidence in you, i. e. it lets you trim its nails, your relationship will be even closer.

Long Coat vs. Short Coat

A long coat is prone to be matted - much faster than a short coat. Especially when bathing you should be careful to brush it thoroughly before. The hair (including the loose hair) will swell up in the water and get tangled up quickly. Since you also have to brush the dog after bathing, these loose hairs will hurt your dog. It will remember this unpleasant experience and thus it gets difficult to put it in the bathtub each time a little bit more.

A short coat is less work than a long coat, as it doesn’t have to be brushed and it’s easier to wash. But cleaning could be a different matter: some dogs shed a lot even though they have short fur. The time you saved on grooming may come back in the form of vacuuming and sweeping.

Dogs that Don't Need Lots of Grooming: