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Pet Dog: Pros and Cons

If you want a pet dog, you’ll find lots of interesting info in this article about the pros and cons of getting a dog and everything you need to know.


Dogs are loyal friends

Dogs are animals that love to learn

Dogs enjoy being petted

Dogs are great for playing

 Dogs are great for cuddling

A wagging tail is sure to cheer you up

Dogs comfort you if you're worried or feel alone


Walking - even if it's raining or you don't feel well

 Dogs need time for playing, trianing, keeping the dog occupied

Poop scooping

Costs for food, toys and vet

Dog hair in your home

Wet dogs smell

Walking the Dog

Small dogs can be incredibly playful and have a very strong urge to run, while larger dogs won’t always want to run a “marathon” - and vice versa. A dog’s character, temperament and breed will decide how much exercise it will need.

Love of Learning

Dogs are enthusiastic animals that love to learn. Apart from the usual commands like sit, down and stay, there are plenty of tricks that a dog should be able to master with a little training. It’s important that your four-legged friend is kept busy, otherwise it may get bored and start to develop destructive behavior.

Things that Will Win Your Parents Over!

1. Walking a dog will improve fitness.
2. A pet dog would help you forget the stress and worries of everyday life
3. Dog owners easily make friends with other people and/or other dog owners.
4. A dog can protect its owner in an emergency either just by being there or through special training.
5. Children learn about responsibility.

Checklist: This Is Important! 

  • Your whole family must agree with the decision.
  • A dog shouldn’t be left alone for longer than five hours.
  • A dog needs at least 2 hours of attention a day.
  • A dog needs space.
  • A dog needs to be fed 2-3 times a day and always needs fresh water.
  • A dog needs somewhere nearby to exercise (park, woods).
  • No dog hair allergy

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Portuguese Water Dog Portuguese Water Dog - Photo: Brook Robinson/Shutterstock

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