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Dogs That Don't Shed Much

People lose hair every day. And dogs do too. No matter how much hair your beloved four-legged friend loses, it will always make its way onto the couch and your clothing. Some people aren’t bothered by this at all, but other people hate it. You will find the complete list at the end of this artickle. By the way: There are also dogs that shed a lot, of course! Fortunatley dog breed such as French Bulldogs, Great Danes and Chihuahuas don't shed that much.

Cleaning and Vacuuming

Dog owners that are big on cleanliness end up cleaning and/or vacuuming most days, which takes up a lot of time. Or: you can try to find a dog breed, that doesn’t shed too much. This won’t mean you don’t have to clean, but it will make things easier.

French Bulldog - Shedding French Bulldog - Shedding - Photo: Patryk Kosmider/Shutterstock

Shedding Coats

Dogs shed more than usual when they shed their winter and summer coats in spring and autumn. Even dog breeds that don’t shed as much. It’s a good idea to help your dog and brush a little more often. This will help remove dead hair earlier. You can also get rid of dead hair from the bottom layer of fur by wiping your dog with a damp cloth.

Hypoallergenic Dogs

Dogs that don’t shed a lot are hypoallergenic. People with allergies don’t actually react to the fur, but the dog’s saliva, skin cells and urine. All of this gets caught in the dog’s fur, which falls out and ends up all around your home. Together with all the substances that can cause allergies. That’s why people with allergies look for dogs that don’t drool or shed too much e.g. a Poodle, Bichon Frise, Havanese, Maltese, Schnauzer or Dachshund.

But they can still cause an allergic reaction. Every dog is different, and there are people that get an itchy nose near one poodle, but not another. So, choosing a “hypoallergenic” dog breed isn’t a guarantee. If you don’t know if you have an dog hair allergy, or if you have reacted to dogs in the past, you should spend as much time with your new pooch as possible before buying.

Dogs That Don't Shed a Lot:

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