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Dogs That Need Lots of Exercise

Breeds such as Jack Russell Terriers, Irish Setters, Border Collies and Golden Retrievers have an overwhelming urge to run. The complete list of dog breeds (with photos) that are particularly energetic and need a lot of exercise can be found at the bottom of this article.

Without exercise, these dogs are frustrated, bored and begin to bark or chew things. To keep such a lively, athletic dog happy, it would be best if you had an active lifestyle and like to spend a lot of time outdoors yourself, for example jogging, cycling, inline skating and longboarding.

How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

People often ask how much time they need to spend to walk their dog every day. They want to know this in a very precise and accurate way, e. g. „40 minutes“, er even better „37.5 minutes“.

That's understandable, because you just want to know before buying, whether you can pay enough attention to your dog. Finally, you have to go to school or go to work and you might have hobbies, too, which is all time consuming. However, there is no table that can state exactly that one dog needs 30 minutes of exercise and that another dog needs at least two hours.

Jack Russell Terrier - Exercise Jack Russell Terrier - Exercise - Photo: Javier Brosch/Shutterstock

Personality and Character

Every dog has its own personality, regardless of the breed, and their form varies from day to day. Guess what: We humans are not different. On one day we want to hang out on the sofa and on the other day we are dying to go outside for a long hike or a challenging jog. One thing’s for sure - these dog breeds will definitely not be happy with just 15 minutes.

Properly running riot for a shorter amount of time is more satisfying for the dog than a slow two-hour walk. The most important thing is, that the dog gets enough exercise every day to be happy and content. You can easily tell by its body language.

Brain Training

Burning off energy isn’t always the answer. Dogs that tend to be excitable, nervous and jittery don’t calm down through lots of physical activity. It just gets them worked up, so they’re even more highly strung afterwards! In cases like these, training the dog’s brain is a great idea. You can teach your dog exciting tricks or practice them with it, e.g. slalom through your legs, rolling over or jumping through your arms.

Nosing Around

It may surprise you but something that really burns through a dog’s energy is one of their favorite things to do: sniffing! You can come up with all sorts of challenges: hiding treats in small (old) towels or scrunched-up paper and having your dog sniff them out. A snuffle mat is also great (and you can make them yourself). This mat has long, wide strips of fleece that treats can “disappear” into. Your dog can comfortably cuddle up and look for treats. A tracking task that all dogs will enjoy.

When it comes to tasks that challenge your dog’s brain, the premise is always the same: if your dog is struggling to continue concentrating, it must be allowed to stop. It’s better to have shorter games but more of them.

Does Age Matter?

Age and temperament also play a major role. A young dog will have more fun running around than an old dog. By the way, we have an article about dog breeds that are that need less exercise, too.

Dogs That Need Lots of Exercise:

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