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How Much Does a Dog Cost per Month?

Before you get a dog as a pet, you should consider that owning a dog costs a lot of money.

The cost of a dog depends on its breed, size and health. First, you’ll need money to buy the dog. Purebred dogs can be much more expensive than mixed-breed dogs. And then there are monthly and yearly costs.

As long as you’re clear about what you’re getting yourself into, you’ll save yourself a lot of bother and save your pet from the pound (or being left tied up in a parking lot before a vacation). Depending on their breed and size, a dog can live for 10 to 13 years. They’re like family members. And they suffer like we would when separated from their beloved pack.

Dog with calculator Photo: iamthisislove/Shutterstock

What Do You Need for a Dog?



Dog license fee

Dog insurance

Dog sitter, dog kennels

Basic equipment



Costs can differ widely, as it always depends if you choose an expensive food and/or have a large dog, for example. Of course, cheap food and a small dog is the lower limit.

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Monthly Costs for a Dog

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