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Dogs that Don’t Need Lots of Exercise

Do you like lounging around on the couch, and want a dog that will relax as much as you? Dogs can also be “couch potatoes”. French Bulldogs, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Chihuahuas and Malteses, for example. Scroll down to the end of this article to see the complete list. Not every dog enjoys spending hours traipsing through fields and forests. Most dogs need lots of exercise .

Different Dog Breeds Need Different Amounts of Exercise

Some breeds only need an easy walk around the block. This lets them sniff out all the latest “news” of the day. Other dogs will need at least 1-2 hours of exercise a day. Especially breeds that were bred for that amount of activity e.g. hunting dogs and sheepdogs. Dogs that don’t get enough exercise to fulfill their needs will get fat pretty quickly. They will also try and get rid of their excess energy by barking, chewing and digging. This results in a lot of dog owners thinking their dog is naughty but not knowing why.

Maltese - Go walkies Maltese - Go walkies - Photo: Nemar74/Shutterstock

Does Your Dog Get Enough Exercise?

Even if a dog doesn’t need much exercise: training is a must. Keeping their brains busy with intelligent toys or learning tricks means your dog’s mind will be healthy and their temper well-balanced.

How Old Is the Dog?

Young dogs can be hard to stop. They’ll tear through your home and run amok in the park. The older the dog, the calmer they are likely to be. While a young Jack Russell would love to walk for at least two hours a day, half an hour is often enough for an older dog.

What Is the Dog’s Character?

Every dog is a unique being, just like us, so they each have their own character and temperament. So, breed alone isn’t enough to determine how much a dog will need to walk.

Does the Dog’s Size Play a Role?

Small dog, less time. Large dog, more time. Well, yes and no. It’s not all about size. There are big pooches that are just a bit lazy. And there are small dogs that are bursting with energy.

Dogs that Don't Need Lots of Exercise: