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How Much Food Does a Dog Need, and How Expensive is it?

Costs: $ 3-108 a month

How much food a dog needs depends on many things:

- How big is the dog?
- How old is the dog?
- How active is the dog?

• How Big Is the Dog?

A small dog needs less food than a big dog. So of course, feeding a small dog costs less than feeding a big dog. Is expensive food better food? Not always. Cheap supermarkets offer cheap food that can be really good. You can use this table to work out how much food your dog needs depending on their weight. It will also give you monthly costs. Please note that costs may differ depending on age and energy needs.

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WeightFood per dayCheap foodExpensive food
11 lb (5 kg) 3-3.3 oz (85-94 g) $ 3.50 $ 20
22 lb (10 kg) 4.7-5.2 oz (135-150 g) $ 5.30 $ 32.50
44 lb (20 kg) 7.5-8.2 oz (215-235 g) $ 8.50 $ 51
66 lb (30 kg) 9.8-11 oz (280-310 g) $ 11.20 $ 67.40
88 lb (40 kg) 12-13.2 oz (340-375 g) $ 13.50 $ 81.5
99 lb (45 kg) 12.8-14 oz (365-400 g) $ 14.50 $ 87
110 lb (50 kg) 13.7-15 oz (390-430 g) $ 15.50 $ 93.40
132 lb (60 kg) 14.6-16 oz (415-455 g) $ 16.40 $ 98.90
154 lb (70 kg) 15.3-17 oz (435-480 g) $ 17.30 $ 104.30
> 154 lb (70 kg) 16-17.6 oz (455-500 g) $ 18 $ 108.70

(Valid: January 2019)

There is a big difference between monthly costs. By the way: treats aren’t included in the calculations. But if a dog is overweight, it shouldn’t get too many of these anyway. You can give an underweight dog a few more treats.

• How Old Is the Dog?

We differentiate between puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs. Puppies need special puppy food because they’re still growing and they need it to develop properly. Adult dogs should be fed as much as they need to maintain a normal weight. A senior dog won’t be moving around as much, so will need less food. If they are fed too much, they will get overweight fast.

• How Active Is the Dog?

If a dog spends all day tearing around the garden, it will need more fuel in the evening than a dog that has spent all day dozing on the couch. That’s why active dogs should be fed a little more, and other dogs a little less.

Overweight Dogs

Even if a chubby dog might look cute: overweight dogs suffer and can develop serious diseases. Such as:

- Cardiovascular problems
- Diabetes
- Liver diseases
- Skin changes
- Bone and joint diseases
- Increased risk during operations and anesthetic
- Increased susceptibility to infections

Jack Russell Terrier Jack Russell Terrier - Photo: Mikkel Bigandt/Shutterstock

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