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Dogs that Need Lots of Grooming

Brushing the coat on a regular basis, bathing your dog, removing matted parts with scissors, washing leftovers out of the face with a soft cloth and examining the entire dog (the skin to be exact) for infections and parasites. This can be quite a challenge in some dogs. Grooming isn’t just brushing and bathing your dog, you have to trim its hair und nails, too. Many tend to forget that. And there are many who tend to ignore that, too. Especially the nail trimming part. Of course, not every dog needs extensive grooming (read our article about dogs that don't need lots of grooming).

However, you especially need to take care of St. Bernards, Cocker Spaniels, Havaneses and Fox Terriers. A detailed list is available at the bottom of this article.

Train Your Dog at an Early Age

You should train your dog to get used to grooming at an early age. Why? It can really stress out a dog that it is not accustomed to a brush driving through its coat, a clattering scissor and the sound of an electric hair trimmer. Try to make your dog feel as comfortable as possible.

Golden Retriever - Fur care Golden Retriever - Fur care - Photo: fotoedu/Shutterstock

Start training with your dog at a puppy stage and keep rewarding it with small treats. Then you will hardly face any problems with your dog refusing to be groomed later on. Don't forget: After all, it's about maintaining his health. An badly groomed coat doesn't just not look ugly, it can quickly lead to bacterial infections and parasites, which are serious health issues.


If you’re not sure how to do groom your dog, you can take your dog to a groomer. But the goal should be that you can do it by yourself. Don't hestiate to ask a dog trainer to help you with this. Step by step he will explain how to make your dog feel fine while being groomed, or how to calm it down when it gets upset. If the coat shall have a special cut (e. g. poodles), the groomer is usually the best choice. It’s best to leave claw cutting to an adult, as it takes some skill to make sure your dog doesn’t get injured.

Dogs that Need Lots of Grooming: