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Perfect Dogs for First-Timers

Which dogs are especially perfect for first-timers? In this article you will find out which dog breeds are best for inexperienced dog owners. Above all these are dogs that are friendly, gentle, well-balanced, happy and loyal. Such as Golden Retriever, Havanese, Maltese, Papillons and Bichon Frises. There is a complete list at the end of the article.

Patient, relaxed and friendly. Any first-time dog owner would love to rely on these characteristics as they find their feet in their new role. A stubborn personality can be difficult for inexperienced owners, and this situation often ends up with the dog being left at a shelter. But any dog can be a loving, loyal partner for life. As long as it’s properly disciplined and trained, and learns to deal with other dogs as a puppy. Which brings us to ...

Golden Retriever Golden Retriever - Photo: HTeam/Shutterstock


If you’ve never disciplined a dog before, you’re in for a challenge. As they say: “There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.” And in 95 % of cases, this is right on the money. It’s not even about the “easy” things, like potty training or making sure that your dog doesn’t jump up onto the couch. It also covers how your pet reacts to other/new people and dogs. This can be a lot of work, and be pretty stressful. But: some breed-specific characteristics simply can’t be “trained out”. These include:

• Hunting instinct and temperament

Purebred dogs bred for the hunt have a strong urge to hunt, and often limitless energy that can be overwhelming. Other breeds have been bred especially for protection and guarding. This is also an instinct that is impossible or very hard to train out. These breeds can be great family dogs, but the master must occupy and entertain these urges. Not exactly a cakewalk for first-timers.

• Shedding

Yes, even this can be a problem. Before you get a dog, you might not have a clear idea of what this means for your home. It might have been clean and tidy before, but a heavily shedding dog can really have an effect on how you feel in your own home. Breeds that shed very heavily can be such a big deal for first-time owners that they give away their dogs after just a short time.


So, make sure you opt for a dog breed that suits your experience. Please note that the dogs described here are “usually” suitable for “standard” first-time owners. Each dog has its own personality and has had its own experiences in life. By the way: we only cover dogs here that are suitable for children.

Perfect Dogs for First-Timers: