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Dog Breeds that Shed the Most

On the sofa, on the clothes, in the car, in the dog basket or dog bed. Dog hair everywhere! It’s completely normal for a dog to shed. After all, humans lose hair every day too. With some dog breeds you have to deal with a lot of shedding - and a lot of cleaning. Don’t mind? Or maybe you’re reading this article because you want to cross “fur monsters” off your list - such as Newfoundlands and the Bernese Mountain Dog? Regular brushing helps your dog to get rid of loose fur. So it won’t end up on the couch. By the way: some dogs shed all year round, while some only shed in spring and autumn when they shed their winter and summer coats.

Newfoundland - Fur Newfoundland - Fur - Photo: Liliya Kulianionak/Shutterstock

How to Remove Dog Hair

• Remove dog hair from clothes:

- Lint roller and brushes

The lint roller is a roll with an adhesive paper. The hair will stick to it, if you roll it over your clothes. Simple, fast and effective. There are reusable clothing brushes especially designed to catch animal hairs, too. This helps producing less plastic waste and most people say that these brushes work even better than the lint roller.

- Tumble drier

(Dry) clothes that are suitable for tumble dry can be put in the dryer for a few minutes. Put in a clean and wet microfibre cloth, too. The air stream and the spinning will remove the hair, which then sticks to the cloth. Just make sure to examine the lint filter afterwards and clean it if needed.

- Washing machine

You can use lint remover balls. Simply put them in the washing drum together with your clothes. They are surrounded by a velcro material. Your pets' hair will be caught by them.

• Remove dog hair from the sofa, dog bed or car:

- Vacuum cleaning

When vacuum cleaning make sure you use the upholstery nozzle. This is a small nozzle, which is placed on the front of the vacuum cleaner pipe. There are also special vacuum cleaners. They are labeled with terms like "Cat and Dog", "Pet" or "Animal". Dog hair causes dog smell, too. Most dog owners use odour remover or air refreshener for theirs sofa, dog bed and car.

Are you looking for a dog breed that sheds less?

Dogs that Shed a Lot: